Fotografia d’interni Roma – NEAR Architecture

NEAR Architecture architects have completed a new apartment. Here are some of the photos I’ve made of their new creation. Gli architetti di NEAR Architecture hanno recentemente completato un nuovo appartamento. Queste sono alcune delle foto della loro ultima creazione.

Fotografia d’interni Roma – NEAR Architecture

I recently had the pleasure to shot one of the latest creations by an interesting group of architects, NEAR Architecture, who also happen to be great friends of mine. Here are the results. Ho avuto recentemente il piacere di fotografare uno degli ultimi lavori di un interessante gruppo di architetti, NEAR Architecture, che sono anche ottimi amici. Questi sono i risultati.

Copenhagen in 16-9

A small family trip to Copenhagen gave me the opportunity to take some shots of this nice and cosy city. The decision to use a 16-9 aspect ratio came later, but it was quite natural.

Questa è L’Aquila

Shoot4Change just published a small reportage on L’Aquila and two small villages nearby, Paganica and San Gregorio, three years after the earthquake that struck the area. What most hurts you, beside the destruction and the pain one can see and imagine, is the fact that almost no progress has been made in the reconstruction of the buildings in L’Aquila and especially in the small villages nearby. Paganica and San Gregorio were lively and beautiful little places and are now almost destroyed; the situation there is now even worse than three years ago, since everything is abandoned with no visible reconstruction or restoration …

L’Aquila 3 years later

I had the chance to visit L’Aquila and two small nearby villages, Paganica and S. Gregorio, three years after the tremendous 2009 earthquake. Very small efforts have been made in the reconstruction and the restoration of the buildings and of the social life. Paganica and S. Gregorio are abandoned and their situation is even worse than it was in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Liberi Nantes

Last sunday I had the opportunity to participate to a nice event in Rome: a Touch Rugby tournament featuring Liberi Nantes, the refugees sport association in Rome. Some of my photos taken on that occasion are featured on the Shoot4Change website, here.    


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