Questa è L’Aquila

Shoot4Change just published a small reportage on L’Aquila and two small villages nearby, Paganica and San Gregorio, three years after the earthquake that struck the area. What most hurts you, beside the destruction and the pain one can see and imagine, is the fact that almost no progress has been made in the reconstruction of the buildings in L’Aquila and especially in the small villages nearby. Paganica and San Gregorio were lively and beautiful little places and are now almost destroyed; the situation there is now even worse than three years ago, since everything is abandoned with no visible reconstruction or restoration …

L’Aquila 3 years later

I had the chance to visit L’Aquila and two small nearby villages, Paganica and S. Gregorio, three years after the tremendous 2009 earthquake. Very small efforts have been made in the reconstruction and the restoration of the buildings and of the social life. Paganica and S. Gregorio are abandoned and their situation is even worse than it was in the aftermath of the earthquake.