Lalli e Paco – Spanish Italian wedding

When two cultures mix during a wedding, it is always a great event. It is even greater when the Italian and the Spanish cultures mix, bringing together their own traditions, superstitions, jokes and music. Lalli and Paco got married in Bracciano, and their wedding was one of the most fun and happy wedding I ever attended.

Anna e Andrea – Wedding in Orvieto

Some locations are perfect for a wedding. This is the case for La Badia, a former monastery facing the wonderful city of Orvieto, in Umbria. Anna and Andrea decided to celebrate their wedding in this great location and that was a perfect choice: the ceremony took place in the beautiful church and the reception was held in a fairy tail open-air hall, with a stunning view over Orvieto. This elegant wedding went on smoothly and flawless, despite some menacing clouds passing by, and ended with dances and celebrations which lasted on all night long.

Sofia e Matteo – Wedding in Vetralla, Lazio

Sofia and Matteo are a young couple in love with life and travels (just see their blog!). Their wedding, in Cura di Vetralla, near Rome, was fun, happy and romantic. It took place in Sofia’s family country house, a small piece of heaven, it was accompanied by the crazy swing of Emanuele Urso, and was photographed by me.