“Feed a different imagination” – Book by Urbanautica

A selection of photos from my series “Orti Urbani” is now part of “Feed a different imagination“, a book by Ubanautica, edited by L’Artiere.

Here’s how Steve Bisson, from Urbanautica, describes the book:

“The book contains a selection of photographic projects, each of which offers a special contribution to the relevant discussion of feeding the world. The works were chosen through an international competition organized in occasion of the Universal Exhibition of Milan EXPO 2015, ‘Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life’.

The publication, therefore, chose from the many submitted works to offer a glimpse, not exhaustive but critical, of the possible points of view on the matter. It’s a plural and pragmatic vision that invites us to reflect on ourselves and the future generations. The topics are many: from community gardens of Rome to the roofs of New York. From the struggle of the Landless Workers Movement (MST) in Brazil, to the emerging technologies in breeding and the cultivation of western economies. From the abandoned farmhouses in the Italian countryside to explosive Chinese urban transformations. From garbage production to the wasting of food. From Balkan kitchens as a common-ground to peoples in conflict, to laboratories where scientists are studying insects for human nutrition. From our health to that of animals.
Photography is a conscious look at the world, able to document and interpret, but also to stimulate dialogue and discussion – or to feed a different imagination. The interview with Dutch photographer Henk Wildschut, included in this book, is an example of the latter.”
This book offers a contribution to the success of End Polio Now and to ensure that no child will suffer from this crippling disease ever again. And that makes me even more proud!